Showcasing the message

Lighting features on changeable letter boards allow them to really showcase the message inside. Unique illumination options set these letter boards apart from standard letter boards. Tablet and Ticket offers three streamlined, seamless models as well as custom designs. Each options for unique lighting features to show off the message—top illumination to backlight the text or logos, combined with light washing down on a slanted background, as well as choices for LED, fluorescent or incandescent lighting. Tablet and Ticket provides high quality illuminated changeable letter boards that offer you design choices and versatility in message presentation.

Keeping it safe

Easy changes are a key feature with these letter boards. The letters are available in black or white, in ½” to 2” sizes that are precisely designed for easy fit with the grooved letter board. The felt covered letter boards are changeable as well, available in 7 colors. But the ease of changing the letters has to partnered with a way to keep the contents safe from tampering. The units feature concealed piano hinge or inset locking doors, with a wide range of glazing options Proper seal and ventilation to minimize moisture accumulation. Finishes include clear, dark bronze, black aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and acrylic polyurethane.

Illuminated changeable letter boards are available wall mounted, recessed or semi-recessed and post mounted.

Also available as Non-Illuminated Changeable Letter Boards, though custom designs are welcome.

Tablet and Ticket has over 100 years of experience in this industry. Contact us to discuss a Changeable Letter Board that will showcase your messages.

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Illuminated Changeable Letter Board Options

Our illuminated changeable letter boards are available for interior or exterior use and come in the following specs (though customized orders are also an option):

  • 900 series—a sleek design with ¼” thick and 4” deep frame
  • 850 series—choice of three door profiles and illumination options 4” deep
  • 800 series—the industry standard for top illuminated cabinets, 4” deep

900 Series Illuminated Changeable Letter Boards

The 900 Series has a sleek design with its thin 1/4″ thick and 4″ deep perimeter frame. This directory may be used for interior and exterior purposes. It is typically a wall mounted unit, but may be post-mounted, and it is available with or without a header. It is available in standard sizes; however, custom sizes are welcomed.

850 Series Illuminated Changeable Letter Board

The 850 Series is a clean lined, contemporary style directory with a concealed piano hinge and is available in your choice of three door profiles: radius, bevel, or square. It fits well in various spaces with its flexibility in surface, recessed, or semi-recessed mountings. It is available in standard sizes; however, custom sizes are welcomed.

800 Series Illuminated Changeable Letter Boards

The 800 Series is the typical, industry standard directory, capable of fitting most indoor and many outdoor signage needs. This original style directory has an inset door and is available with or without a header. Illuminated or non-illuminated it is available in standard or custom sizes.