Getting your message out

Outdoor Message Boards and Reader Boards are the best tool to get your message out to the public. An attractive board, strategically placed, communicates to people entering the business property as well as those passing by. It’s your outside advertiser. An outdoor message board keeps people informed and draws in new visitors to schools, churches, park districts, businesses and townships. Tablet and Ticket designs and manufactures Outdoor Message Boards and Reader Boards in Illuminated and Non-Illuminated units. We offer many options to customize your order to provide you with the best tool to get your message out:

  • Many units are available as single faced or double faced
  • Units can include custom logos, lattice details, radius, flat, crown molding or gable tops, to tie in with surrounding structures
  • Flexible design choices for header panels—routed aluminum, screened or vinyl headers above hinged doors, or completely illuminated headers with text and logos, above or behind an inset door frame
  • Text options—typically text is 4″, 6″, 8″, or 10″ black on white, but can be switched to white copy on black background
  • “Tab” letters (½” to 3” high) and “zip” type letters (4” to 12” high) are available for your boards
  • Illumination options—top illumination to backlight text and logos, top illumination washeds down a slanted background below, high output fluorescent bulbs that optimize night time legibility
  • Free standing, and wall, post, pedestal, or monument mounted
  • Available in a wide spectrum of frame perimeters and depths

Protecting the message

These outdoor message boards are weather sealed and properly vented so that your message is protected from the elements and from moisture build up. Keyed locks on piano hinge doors protect your messages from tampering or vandalism. Long lasting, weather resistant finishes (aluminum clear, dark bronze, black anodized, acrylic polyurethane, mirror or brushed stainless steel and brass) ensure that the unit will withstand weather and temperature changes. These units are made with heavy duty frames that are known for long term durability.

Bowie Gymnasium - Bowie, MD

Tablet and Ticket has over 100 years in the industry and is known for high quality customer service on every order. Contact us to find out about the options available for Outdoor Message Boards and Reader Boards.