Announce your events and your business

Non-illuminated exterior message boards announce your news and your business to the public. The size, style, letters, header and custom features should present your message and your convey company’s brand. Visitors and those passing by can be drawn in because of the message board. Tablet and Ticket can design and make an exterior message board that will be a clear communicator for your business, school, theater, park district or township. No matter what size, shape, dimensions or custom features you need, we can customize one for you.

Our non-illuminated exterior message boards have features that ensure an eye catching display for your message. Inset piano hinged doors or concealed piano hinge; options for wall mounted, pedestal mounted, post mounted, recessed mounted, or semi-recessed units; optional gable, radius, flat tops or full tops to complement existing structures; single or multiple door units; options for text sizing and color; options for dimensional text headers above hinged doors or vinyl lettered headers. All these features work together to ensure an eye catching platform for your message.

Protect your announcement

Exterior message boards need to have features that safeguard your announcement against the elements and against vandalism. Our units all include:

  • Proper weather sealing and venting to protect from the elements and prevent moisture build up
  • Heavy-duty doors with locks
  • Strong outer frames built to last
  • Finishes that stand up to the elements and look attractive

Non-Illuminated Outdoor Changeable Letter Board Options

We offer the following spec options for non-illuminated exterior message boards (as well as custom options to fit your specific design needs):

  • 950E Series, with a frame 5¾” thick and 9”
  • 900E Series, a sleek design with a ¼” face perimeter and 4” depth
  • 850E Series, sizes range from 12” wide to 6 feet or more, 3 door profiles
  • 800E Series, an industry standard for exterior message boards

Tablet and Ticket, over a century of expertise in the industry and offers superior customer service on every order. Contact us to discuss what exterior message boards would be the best announcers for your company.

950E Series Non-Illuminated Exterior Message Boards

Flexible design allows these non-illuminated exterior message boards to have routed aluminum headers above hinged doors or completely illuminated headers with text and logos, behind a single inset door frame. Text typically is black on white with 4″, 6′, 8″ or 10″ text. Backgrounds may also be black with white copy. Gable, radius or flat tops, full or partial, allow the units to tie in with surrounding structures. Available as single face (5¾”d) or double face (9″d). Other depths as required. Smaller signs may use “tab” type letters from ½” to 3″ high, larger signs use “zip” type letters from 4″ to 12″ high.

900E Series Non-Illuminated Exterior Message Boards

The 900 Series has a sleek design with its thin 1/4″ thick and 2″ deep perimeter frame. This directory may be used for interior and exterior purposes. It is typically a wall mounted unit, but may be post-mounted, and it is available with or without a header. It is available in standard sizes; however, custom sizes are welcomed.

850E Series Non-Illuminated Exterior Message Boards

Your choice of three door profiles on this strong cabinet make it a good choice for many applications. Typical depth is 2½” with 4″ depth when heavier look is required. Choice of 7 vinyl background colors. Available from 12″ wide up to 6 feet or more, if needed. Your choice of polycarbonate or tempered glass.

800E Series Non-Illuminated Exterior Message Boards

The industry standard for changeable copy cabinets, popular for walk up use in park settings, churches, retail and other applications when frequently change copy is posted outside. Single door units may incorporate the header panel into the door or above the hinged door, multi door units will have the header panel above the doors. Available with gable top, routed aluminum or acrylic header panels.