More Than Your Standard Display Case

Someone performed well above standard to win recognition—hard work, extra hours, less sleep, mental focus, pursuing a dream, and sacrificing individual desires for others. Shouldn’t the display case for that recognition reflect the same standard of excellence?

Tablet and Ticket provides customized display cases that protect and show off trophies, art work, prizes, photographs, memorial treasures and more. Custom solutions are available for schools, universities, museums, and corporations. Our display cases match the performance of those being recognized—well above standard.

Tablet and Ticket offers display cases and cabinets with:

  • Custom sizing to fit your exact space specifications,
  • Custom design options for indoor, outdoor, curved, mounted, recessed displays and combinations to fit your exact needs,
  • Custom backgrounds of fabric, hardwood veneer plywood, plastic laminate and more,
  • Custom lighting options—LED, halogen or, fluorescent lights available as surface mounted or recessed lighting,
  • Custom shelving options of standard bracketed shelving or cable suspended glass shelving,
  • Options for display doors (sliding and pivot hinge—for any size display) for a clean look and ease of access,
  • Options for fully recess mounted or semi recessed displays to allow viewing on multiple sides
  • Shipping options that guarantee safe delivery and ease of installation.

Here’s another benefit for you. Even though our products are well above standard, we work with you to meet your unique design needs and your budget allocations. That’s not standard.