Unique Hybrids for Unique Circumstances

Do you need a specialized display unit that combines the features of several different displays? A display that can fulfil many functions, yet still aesthetically compliment the surroundings? Tablet and Ticket specializes in hybrid display cases configured to meet your unique specifications.

Combination display cases are multi-functional, combining bulletin, changeable letter and display case backgrounds in a single unified piece. Each display is sized and configured to your specifications. And we can customize the display to your budget specifications as well.

Combination Display Case Options

  • A clean integrated style that won’t look like a hybrid
  • A precision cut grooved letter board that accepts quick changes of letters
  • Vinyl or felt covering options in a variety of colors for letter boards
  • Radius, bevel or square doors available, with hinged or sliding options
  • Design assistance for your special project
  • Detailed design drawings to ensure that the perfect combination is the end result
  • Clean hairline-fit joints with no visible fasteners
  • Displays with or without illumination—with fluorescent, LED, or incandescent options for illumination
  • Available as wall mounted, recessed or free standing units
  • Finish options—brushed stainless steel or brass, dark bronze, black anodized, painted aluminum, or choice of hard woods

Having trouble knowing how to define the hybrid case that would be the best choice? We can assist with the design. If you can imagine it, sketch it, or describe what you need in a combination display, we can build it for you. Since our combination display cases are customized to fit every need, you can be assured of a perfect fit. Check out our many types of displays to begin considering your choices: custom display casesenclosed bulletin poster boards, and changeable letter marquee signs, Then, contact us so we can build your combination display.