Large Display Cases House Big Awards

Do you have very large trophies, awards and memorial treasures that need a secure, aesthetically pleasing extra large display case? Very large display cases have their own set of challenges and need to be manufactured by a company with enough experience to handle a big job. Otherwise, you’ll be left with an extra-large headache.  Just consider:

  • The fit has to be perfect and seamless. Any flaw in the corners or seams is simply going to be more obvious on a very large case.
  • The access to shelving and trophies needs to work with the setting and with the size of the trophies and awards.
  • The size of the components means that assembly could be a nightmare.
  • Shipping has to be assured for safe delivery, or you’ll have a large amount of shattered glass at your doorstep.
  • The design must integrate with the surroundings. Even when a display case is large, it shouldn’t look like an “elephant in the room.”

Tablet and Ticket has over 100 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, providing display cases to schools, universities, corporations, churches and architects. We can design any size display case to suit your needs, with pivoting or sliding glass doors, and with front, side or rear entry for ease of access to the pieces. We can handle the very large cases in excess of 9 feet tall and with 3/8” or ½” glass doors. We work carefully with you to ensure your design will fit with the space available, with the surrounding aesthetics, and within your budget. We guarantee safe shipping and ease of assembly. We take all the big headaches out of getting a large display case and provide you with a case that’s stunning, secure and a perfect fit for your needs. Please contact us with your particular requirements for any size and style of custom large display cases.