More than Just Pin-up Info

Do you have something important to say to the public—more than just typical pin-up info? The latest community events at your non-profit, current maps of your new campus, game schedules for your award winning team, showtimes for the holiday comedy, seating charts for the sell-out concert series, church meetings, current kudos for those awesome park district volunteers? Enclosed bulletin poster boards provide a means to say it—attractively and securely.

What you say and how you say it, communicates a lot about your organization. Tablet and Ticket offers more than just a typical aluminum case to pin up information. Tablet and Ticket has unique, enclosed bulletin boards to display your information.

More than Just a Cork Board

If you want more than just a cork board, Tablet and Ticket has many choices for a customized bulletin board—something that compliments the surrounding structures and your organization’s brand.

We offer a variety of enclosed bulletin poster boards for outdoor and indoor use which can be customized to fit into any setting. Tablet and Ticket has choices you’ll never find with a standard manufacturer:

  • Choices for background—natural cork, vinyl-faced cork, felt-faced cork, and heavy duty color impregnated cork with a durable burlap back, magnetic display board, or any combination, with 7 color options
  • Choices for pedestal mount, post mount, wall mount, recessed, semi-recessed, surface
  • Choices for aluminum frames, stainless steel, brass, wood frames, open face and freestanding units
  • Choices for illuminated or non-illuminated
  • Choices for custom header panels
  • Choices for doors—concealed piano hinge doors with door profiles: radius bevel or square
  • Choices for glazing, tempered or laminated glass, polycarbonate, and acrylic

Options for Enclosed Bulletin Poster Boards

There are products we offer without additional options because they are our standard: locking, weather-sealed doors on your units to protect content; hairline mitres, clean designs and great customer service.

If you want something more than just a bulletin board, check out our different models; then contact us to discuss your design specifications.