Right Place, Right Time

Non-Illuminated enclosed bulletin boards display vital information that draws people in, then gets them to the right place at the right time. The boards provide details about events, maps to lead the way, seating charts for the big game, showtimes, transit schedules, news about featured employees, tenant directories and more. This information must be housed in a unit that permits easy changes, protects the content, and blends aesthetically the surrounding architecture. Tablet and Ticket can make the enclosed bulletin board that will be perfect for your setting.

Non-illuminated enclosed bulletin boards can be used indoors or outdoors and can be customized to any size or shape required.

Right Features

The right features will set your unit apart. The wide selection of features is what sets us apart. Tablet and Ticket offers features for: background selections (fabric or vinyl covered cork, vinyl impregnated cork, magnetic display), customized headers, numerous color options, text selections, inset locking doors on concealed hinges, tops (gable, radius flat or full), mounting (post, pedestal, recessed, or surface) finish options, glazing options, and more.

Tablet and Ticket has over 100 years of experience custom designing and manufacturing signage. Illuminated enclosed bulletin boards are also available.

Contact us for details about selecting the right Enclosed Bulletin Board for your organization.

Non-Illuminated Enclosed Bulletin Board Choices

The following sizes are available though custom orders are welcome:

  • 900 Series—1/4” frame, 2” or 4” deep
  • 850 Series—streamlined, sleek, contemporary style 2½” or 4”deep
  • 800 Series—industry standard suitable for many indoor or outdoor needs, custom features available, 2” or 4” deep
  • 500 Series—a smaller, lighter unit with less frame, indoor use only
  • 400SG Series—perfect for bulletin boards and changeable letter boards, sliding glass doors, indoors use only
  • Imagemaker—fiberglass units, in beveled, square and radial profile, ideal for lobby spaces, indoor use only

900 Series Enclosed Bulletin Boards

The 900 Series has a sleek design with its thin 1/4″ thick and 2″ deep perimeter frame. This directory may be used for interior and exterior purposes. It is typically a wall-mounted unit, but may be post-mounted, and it is available with or without a header. It is available in standard sizes; however, custom sizes are welcomed.

900 Series Bulletin Board
900 Series Bulletin Board

850 Series Enclosed Bulletin Boards

The 850 Series is a clean-lined, contemporary style directory with a concealed piano hinge and is available in your choice of three door profiles: radius, bevel, or square. It fits well in various spaces with its flexibility in surface, recessed, or semi-recessed mountings. It is available in standard sizes; however, custom sizes are welcomed.

800 Series Enclosed Bulletin Boards

The 800 Series is the typical, industry standard directory, capable of fitting most indoor and many outdoor signage needs. This original style directory has an inset door and is available with or without a header. Illuminated or non-illuminated it is available in standard or custom sizes.

800 Series - Fairfield
800 Series Bulletin Board

500 Series Enclosed Bulletin Boards

The 500 Series is a lighter unit with a less visual frame. A pivot hinge attaches the door to the background, and it fastens closed with a key lock. The 500 series is available in many different styles and fits well in smaller areas with a shallow depth of 1-1/2″, it is available in standard sizes; however, custom sizes are welcomed.

500 Series Bulletin Board

400SG Series Enclosed Bulletin Boards

The 400SG Series comes with sliding glass doors eliminating any visual interruption. It is typically used for bulletin boards, and changeable-letter boards but like all of our directories, it is adaptable to fit your needs.

400SG Bulletin Board

Imagemaker Enclosed Bulletin Boards

The Imagemaker is a fiberglass unit series, which is ideal for lobby spaces in order to inform individuals of tenant information. It is available in three profiles: beveled, square, and radial, making it a perfect fit for any indoor environment. This unit is unique from our other directories with its distinct visual appeal.

Morehead Imagemaker