Providing Information—Anytime

Illuminated kiosks make vital information available to pedestrians at any time, day or night. It’s customer service at its best.  The illumination draws attention to it, makes it easy for consumer viewing, and gives a sense of warmth and safety to the surrounding environment. Tablet and Ticket offers illuminated kiosks—ideal for downtowns, Main Street, campuses, transit centers, parks, universities, or other locations. We offer standard and customized designs that allow for static or interactive maps, information on events, metro scheduling and more.

Tablet and Ticket’s illuminated kiosks offer options for lighting and electronics so that the end result suits your specific needs. Incandescent, fluorescent and LED lighting are available as well as choices for rear illuminated graphics and map inserts. Also, we can incorporate into the cabinetry a number of unique displays for electronic and video components—appealing features for our media driven culture.


Tablet and Ticket’s illuminated kiosks are built for durability. They may be designed for interior or exterior use, and as such are constructed to withstand the elements and protect any information or media displayed. Our kiosks are built with rigid aluminum framing and components. They’re available in standard sizes or with custom sizing and designs.  Side piano hinged doors with tempered plate glass provide strength and security for the information and ease for viewing.


Tablet and Ticket’s Illuminated Kiosks are designed to fit uniquely with the surrounding environment and compliment the information displayed. All kiosks are made to your specifications, allowing choices for many different shapes, sizes, and styles. These kiosks are available with fabric covered cork, changeable letter boards, steel magnetic inserts, graphic map inserts or illuminated graphics. Numerous finishes are offered: aluminum, stainless steel, brass, clear, dark bronze, black anodized, painted, or acrylic polyurethane. Illuminated kiosks are a way to connect with and serve consumers—by giving them information they need. We also offer non-illuminated kiosks and customized specialty units.

Contact us to find out what design options would be the best choices to consider.


  • Rigid Outer Frame
  • Custom Design and Sizes
  • Illuminated
  • Exterior, Interior
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Clear
  • Dark Bronze
  • Black Anodized
  • Mirror (No. 8)
  • Brushed (No. 4)
  • Painted
  • Acrylic Polyurethane
  • Fabric Covered Cork
  • Changeable Letter Board
  • Steel (Magnetic Inserts)
  • Rear Illuminated Graphics
  • Graphic Inserts/Maps