The Offices at Coconut Point Backlit DirectoriesWhen it comes to choosing the main lobby directory for your building, you don’t want to cut corners when it comes to quality. Every person that steps foot inside will more than likely glance at this guide whether or not they need direction. You want it to match the look and the feel of the space as well as provide information that can be seen no matter what time of day or night it is. Backlit directories are a perfect choice for this. They provide enhanced visibility and legibility. They can really create a great focal point in the room.

These backlit directories range in price depending on the material and design you choose. But it is possible to have a beautiful sign and still remain under budget. By choosing to use LED lights instead of fluorescent lights, you can have the directory of choice and not have to compromise the quality of the final product.

Series 1000 LED Backlit DirectoriesThere is an increase in the use of LED lighting in commercial construction. They are more energy efficient and last six to seven times longer than fluorescent lights. They operate silently with no annoying clicks or popping sounds. They are more durable. Over the years, the technology behind LED lights has evolved to give the consumer more power over the color and intensity to give a crisp, rich look to the lights. The long-term savings and advantages definitely outweigh the fact that they are more expensive than their fluorescent predecessor.

1919 M Street Backlit DirectoriesThere is one other factor that not many people realize. LED lights are much easier to work with when creating a custom piece. When you choose to use these over fluorescent bulbs you are able to keep the cost of your custom backlit directories at an affordable rate; whereas, certain common fluorescent bulbs have stayed at the same rate. The costs of less common fluorescent bulbs have gone through the roof and LEDs have allowed those looking for unique directories to not sacrifice their brand.

So, not only do you get to reap the long term benefits, you can get quality custom backlit directories that will have minimal upkeep and not break the budget.

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