Quick Turnaround

A new tenant? A change in personnel? A department relocating to a different floor?Quick turnaround time is vital for name strip orders. We design Building Directories for ease of changing name strips. Part of that ease has to do with ensuring simplified ordering and quick turnaround on orders. When servicing our directories or other directories, we typically have only a 3 to 5-day turnaround on replacement directory name strip orders. Order forms are available as Excel, PDF, Word files or plain fax forms.

Consistency in formatting

Tablet and Ticket guarantees consistency in formatting of directory name strips. All engraved name strips are laser engraved for accuracy with either serif or sans-serif letter styles. Sizing and margins will be uniform with existing name strips and typeface will be precisely matched.

Key features of our directory name strips

  • A variety of laser engraved strips with different interlocking styles that ensure a seamless fit.
  • Availability in six sizes, from as small as 3/8″ high up to 1-1/16″ high.
  • Name strips feature a reveal at the top of each non-illuminated name strip.
  • Available in widths to meet nearly any specifications.
  • Limitless face colors of the name strips are possible. Supply a PMS number or paint sample to us, and we’ll supply name strips color matched to the specified color.
  • Laser engraved name strips for precision and accuracy, revealing white or black.
  • Applied vinyl text is available with an extensive range of colors.
  • Numerous type styles.

We offer two types of name strips for building directories: illuminated and non-illuminated. Illuminated name strips give a clean, high-end appearance and are interlocked to prevent light from penetrating between tenant names. Non-illuminated name strips are made with a shadow line which allows users to easily locate the correct suite number of the building tenants.

With well over 100 years of providing name strips nationwide, Tablet and Ticket can fill your name strip orders quickly and accurately. Contact us to find out about placing an order.