Pedestrians passing by restaurants want to know what makes a place different. If there are several restaurants nearby, it’s important to make your restaurant stand out.  An attention grabbing menu display is one of the first thing that will convince them check out your establishment.

Tablet and Ticket’s non-illuminated menu displays are designed to grab their attention and draw them into your restaurant.  With design options to showcase your menu and preview the restaurant’s theme, these non-illuminated menu displays will differentiate you from competitors. Tablet and Ticket offers:

  • Design assistance (if you can describe it, we can likely build it for you)
  • Endless options in sizing and design
  • Unique header panels to incorporate specific graphics, lettering or material from the surroundings (marble, wood, etc.)
  • Backgrounds of fabric over cork, magnetic or Velcro that can coordinate with the  color themes in the restaurant
  • A variety of appealing finishes—aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and painted


The restaurant menu display case has to carry out many functions.  It’s got to be built with that in mind: able to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions; strong enough to protect the menus from moisture yet allow for easy visibility; strong outer frame that also has a sleek, finished look; easy access to menus for owners and locking features to safeguard from tampering; capable of accommodating a range of menu pages and sizes, yet able to still fit within your budget.

Tablet and Ticket has non illuminated menu displays available in 850 and 900 Series in typical as well as custom sizes. We offer display cases for interior or exterior use and have options for illuminated menu displays cases. With over 100 years in the manufacturing industry, high quality tools for any custom design options, and experience with finishing options, we can offer you start to finish “in house” service on your project.  There will be no headaches from multiple vendors handling different parts of the project.  We also work with architects, designers as well as restaurant owners.

900MDC Series Non-Illuminated Menu Display Case

The 900MDC Series non-illuminated menu display case has a sleek design with a number of header panel and design configurations. These restaurant menu display cabinets may be used in interior and exterior applications. They are typically  wall mounted , but may be post mounted. Available in typical sizes to accommodate  1 to 4 menu pages, however, custom sizes are welcomed.


  • Rigid Outer Frame, 1/4″ Face Perimeter Frame
  • Inset Door, 1 1/4″ Face with Key Lock
  • Continuous Piano Hinge, Pivot Hinge
  • Non-Illuminated
  • Interior, Exterior, Specify
  • Aluminum Clear
  • Dark Bronze
  • Black Anodized, Mirror (No. 8), Brushed (No. 4), Painted, Acrylic Polyurethane
  • Brass (Matches Alloy 280 and 385) Mirror (No. 8), Brushed (No. 4), Statuary (US10B)
  • Stainless Steel Mirror (No. 8), Brushed (No. 4)
  • Cork
  • Velcro Fabric Covered (7 Colors)
  • Vinyl Covered (7 Colors)
  • Plastic Impregnated Cork (8 Colors)
  • Magnetic Display Board