The Most Common Display Case Doesn’t Have to Look Common

Wall mounted display cases may be the type most commonly ordered. But that doesn’t mean it should look like just any display case. Tablet and Ticket offers flat or cabinet wall mounted displays available in a variety of profiles—square, radius, or beveled—and each display can be customized to your exact specifications. We supply cases to businesses, churches, schools, and universities for showing off awards, trophies, memorial treasures, artwork and design work. Here are some of the options which make Tablet and Ticket’s display cases atypical:

  • Design assistance—for those unusual locations, spacing needs, surroundings, or display items;
  • Background options—cork, fabric over cork, plywood or laminate;
  • Shelving—polished plate glass shelving, standard brackets or cable suspended;
  • Access options—may be customized for rear access or sliding door access at the front;
  • Door options—frameless pivot hinged or sliding;
  • Finishing options—aluminum with anodized finish, brushed solid brass, brushed stainless steel, or hardwood;
  • Sizing options.

Here are a few other considerations when you’re deciding whether to order from a catalog or go with a customized display case: Tablet and Ticket has been in the manufacturing industry for over 100 years and has the experience to meet any design specification. We work with you to stay in your budget, even on customized cases. Tablet and Ticket display cases are properly vented to prevent any condensation in the display. All displays have a clean, finished look with mitered and concealed corner angles, hairline fit joints and no visible fasteners. Also, the displays’ installation conforms to standards of Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG).


Download specifications PDF.