Changeable… and more

Changeable letter marquee signs, obviously have to be manually changeable. Theaters, park districts, churches, schools, and banks need to make adjustments to the news or events they’re featuring for the week.  An easy change in the message is the main feature of these signs, but if that’s all you’re thinking about, you’re missing some important features that might not be obvious…

Clear communication

Changeable letter marquee signs have to be designed to visually attract people and communicate the message.  In many settings, it’s the sign that speaks to the public first. That means features like precision cut boards, laser cut letters, customized headers, choices for illumination, different sizes and colors for letters, and choice of fabric, vinyl, or felt backgrounds all work together to make the message more clear. And Tablet and Ticket’s 100-plus years of experience in the industry ensures that these features will be precision made and customized to your needs.

Clean design

A clean, seamless design ensures that the entire sign works together to communicate professionalism. These letter boards are available with heavy duty aluminum frames, stainless steel or brass frames, and as enclosed or open-face, freestanding, wall or base mounted units. Our 100 series comes with an open face while our 500, 800, 850, and 900 series offer a wide category of enclosed changeable letter boards.

  • Wood frame and as open face and free standing units
  • Key lock to protect against vandalism, unwanted message changes
  • Concealed piano hinge or pivot hinge
  • Inset doors
  • Wall mounted, recessed mounted, semi-recessed or post mounted
  • Outdoor units are weather sealed and vented

Tablet and Ticket can custom design a letter board to your specifications. Contact us to discuss what would be best for your company.