Menu Displays that Show Off

When it comes to restaurant menu displays, it requires more than just tacking up a menu. The display needs to show off the restaurant and give people a preview of what they can expect inside. Tablet and Ticket’s  illuminated menu displays have customized lighting features that make that happen—backlit displays with cut out letters and logos that permit a warm wash of light, side lighting for a bold look, LED lighting or florescent, top, sides or rear mounted lighting fixtures, warm or cool light.  Aside from lighting, we also offer many other design features to customize the look you want:

  • Design assistance for your project
  • Incorporating accents and details of complimentary materials into the design to pick up on surrounding design elements;
  • Wall mounted, free standing or post mounted options
  • Strong outer frame able to withstand the elements and have aesthetic appeal
  • Magnetic, fabric, or velcro fabric display backgrounds
  • Doors—inset with locking feature and piano hinge
  • Finishes in clear, dark bronze, black anodized or acrylic polyurethane aluminum, stainless steel or architectural bronze with mirror, brushed or antique finishes.

Menu Displays that Last

Tablet and Ticket has been around for a long time. With over 100 years of experience in the manufacturing industry we have the experience and tools to design menu display cases that have longevity. A strong outer frame with a ¼ inch face perimeter, inset locking doors that protect the contents from tampering and moisture, finishes that can stand up to the elements and. The 900MDC Series has a sleek design with a number of header panel and design configurations. We also welcome custom sizing and shape options and offer non-illuminated menu displays.

And all of our units are built to show off the restaurant and last for years to come.  Contact us for a consultation about your illuminated restaurant menu display.

900 Series Illuminated Menu Display Cases

The 900 Series Illuminated menu display case has a sleek design with its thin 1/4″ thick and 4″ deep perimeter frame. This directory may be used for interior and exterior purposes. It is typically a wall mounted unit, but may be post-mounted, and it is available with or without a header. It is available in standard sizes; however, custom sizes are welcomed.


  • Rigid Outer Frame, 1/4″ Face Perimeter Frame
  • Inset Door, 1-1/4″ Face with Key Lock
  • Continuous Piano Hinge, Pivot Hinge
  • Illuminated
  • Interior, Exterior, Specify
  • Aluminum Clear
  • Dark Bronze
  • Black Anodized, Mirror (No. 8), Brushed (No. 4), Painted, Acrylic Polyurethane
  • Brass (Matches Alloy 280 and 385) Mirror (No. 8), Brushed (No. 4), Statuary (US10B)
  • Stainless Steel Mirror (No. 8), Brushed (No. 4)
  • Custom Color Window Borders
  • Velcro Felt Display Board (7 Colors)
  • Magnetic Display Board