A Kiosk That Really Fits In

An information kiosk needs to fit in with the surroundings so it doesn’t look oddly out of place. It also needs to be the perfect fit for the intended purpose and communication format—providing maps, brochures, info at trailheads and parks, displaying public notices and zoning violations, housing electronics and videos at shopping centers and downtown tourist areas. Cheap foam and board kiosks won’t compliment the theme in those settings and just won’t last. Tablet and Ticket can provide a custom design information kiosk that’s durable, aesthetically pleasing and is the perfect fit for your needs.

We offer:

  • A wide variety of materials (aluminum, or unique combinations of wood and stainless steel)
  • A number of custom finishes (galvanized steel, brushed metal, painted custom color schemes, anodized and some powder coating available)
  • A variety of designs from a simple to uniquely detailed, post mount or pedestal mount, illuminated or non-illuminated, plate glass and hinged doors with locks
  • Options to incorporate specific components for electronic and video displays built into the cabinetry
  • Backgrounds that allow for, video, illuminated graphics, and map inserts, changeable letter boards
  • Work that’s 98% in-house, saving you the hassle of dealing with multiple manufacturers
  • Design guidance for your project
  • A company that works within your budget, but provides custom quality kiosks

Information Kiosk Options

If you need an information kiosk that really fits in, give us a call to discuss design options.

We welcome all types of ideas and designs. Please forward information for pricing.