Tablet and Ticket has two types of menu display cases, both of which are available for interior or exterior use:

Answer customer questions

Pedestrians looking for a place to eat don’t want to go in and ask about the menu. They want to check out their options and get their questions answered. What’s the price range here? What are their specialties? What’s the atmosphere like? Is my favorite ale on tap? Do they have desserts to die for?

A custom designed menu display case advertises a restaurant. It can stop pedestrians in their tracks and draw them in. Tablet and Ticket has designed custom units that incorporate the theme of the restaurant, with backgrounds that integrate fabric from the restaurant’s decor, with specialized lighting on all four sides for a bold look, units that can hold up to 6 sheets of menu information or various sizes, and even a mounted unit that could spin 180 degrees! Because these units combine top functionality with creative curbside appeal, we think menu display units are fun to make.

Entice diners in

A unique menu design will draw people in and hint as to the atmosphere and food available. Our 900 series has a sleek design and comes with many options:

  • Lighting—backlit units with cut out letters and logos allow light to wash down softly on the menus or lighting from all 4 sides for a bolder look (LEDs or fluorescent)
  • Finishes—painted, anodized, brushed or polished metals
  • Backgrounds for holding menus—many options including velcro,cork with custom fabric cover to compliment the restaurant’s interior décor
  • Customized header panel options
  • Doors—inset piano hinge for a clean look
  • Customized sizing and shape available

Tablet and Ticket also offers indoor menu displays featuring rear access to change out the menus, but allowing menu visibility to customers outside.

A well designed menu display is a selling feature. Contact us for input on how we can help design one that will advertise your restaurant.